Puppy’s First Snow Day! *Cutest Reaction*
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what's up guys how're you guys doingtoday if you cannot tell it is snowingoutside oh my gosh I am so excited rightnow look how beautiful it looks as youguys can see I am wearing the brand newmerchandise that is coming out nextThursday November 22nd at 12 p.m.Eastern Time on lance210 dot-com this isthe limited-edition merchandise this isonly going to be available from Thursdaythe 22nd until Cyber Monday so if youguys want to get this merchandise makesure to get it then it matches the snowperfectly who wants to go outside andplay in the snow you can go outsideBella has Bella ever been in the snowyou are so tiny back then I didn't thinkshe could like hop through it come onlet's go outside come on No oh I feel sobad for him if you guys haven't seenyesterday's video yet Theo is havingsome issues with his butt area he islike an ulcer forming on it we went tothe vet got him checked out we got him amedicine for it we're hoping that itheals within the next couple days if itdoesn't heal after ten days we got tobring him back but uh go outside causedo it she doesn't she's so confusedcome on Bella play in the snowBella's freaking out wait what's hedoing he's army crawling in it oh yeahthat's bad good boy you can see his buttshe's running she's happy yeah we gottastop him from leakingyou must fell girl those linked in thesnow oh that is so cuteis it good Bella just don't like theyellow snow that's my favorite all rightso now she wants to go and she's hadenough all you can see all the smokecoming out she just jumps all over anthey how was it cold where are you goingwhat's really cool is that this jacketisn't absorbing the water as snow thenyou simply wipe it off unfortunatelythis is though different material Ican't do that patent it we just keephaving problems with the lens do youwant to explain the story right now whathappened this morning for one I've beenup since 5:00 a.m. with him he wasshaking and shivering so I googled whatthat means so sad it says most likely anextreme pain or a lot of discomfortdiscomfort so I came downstairs took himoutside coz Bella had to go potty andshe went out she went Co didn't go comeback inside and about an hour later Itry take him out again doesn't go comeback in we lay on the love sack andeventually starts peeing on me he peedall over the towel wrapped around him soI wasn't sure at first cuz it felt likeit was getting warmerthat was like maybe it's just his bodyheat since we moved positions nope thatsucksyeah Louie got like no sleep last nightI actually had one of the best nights ofsleep that I've had in such a long timeI wanted to go to sleep earlier so Icould try to wake up earlier Igonna better like 2:00 3:00 a.m. I wentto bed at 12 last night I took melatoninto help me go to sleep and to try andrestart my sleep cycle I woke up thismorning around 8:30 a.m. and I knew thiswas gonna happen I woke up saw the timeand I was like screw this I'm going backto sleeppass back out for another couple hourswoke up at 11:30 and it is now currently12 I feel like no matter what time I tryto wake up at it never happens I alwayswake up around like 11:30 12 ish whenyou woke up at 8:30 is that when youleft lol I finally passed out for likefive minutes she comes down and bouncesright on me away oh yeah I can'tremember I barely remember anything justremember one I peeked open looking at myclock and just passing back out and thesheets got washed along with the blanketthat I was using thank youso it was so comfy I woke up still atlike 11:30 I was like I don't want toleave this bed oh we are currently onday 4 of logging in a row very happyabout that I told you guys I'm gonna tryand make it a habit again I'm actuallygoing outside right now to take somepictures hence why I'm using this cameraI usually just use the little pocketcamera to record myself snow pictures inthis outfit is gonna look so dopethere's not too much snow as I've yet Iheard it's supposed to rain in like anhour and a half so I'm gonna try and getthese pictures while I can we juststepped out front not that long ago Ithink it was probably like three to fiveminutes and all the footprints arealready almost starting to go away cuzall the snow that's coming down meunless you're trying to pick up foodright now we just placed an order Igotta take my mom's car because as youguys know my car is rear-wheel drive andI will slip and slide literallyeverywhere I already had one accident inthe RA I don't need another one in the Mfor talking about the RA it should bedone very soon it's in the shop rightnow getting all fixed up I'm hopingwithin the next coming days I'll be ableto get it back we're gonna have to seewhat happens all right let's see this ohyeah Wow I'm an idiot windshield wipermalfunction I think I think there wasthat much on there what oh there we goall right that works yeah I was about tosay if I broke my mom's car againunintentionally I would have been badshe would have been flipping coming forthe ride boy holy shakin it's not evenbecause he's cold it's literally justactually I don't even know that behonest at this point he's shaken for twothings now you're not going to the Fedam i taking about this much I thinkit'll make him think that every time Igo into the car we're not going to talkyeah we're just trying to make sure he'snot itching himself so I don't want toleave them alone take one step at a timeno I know you know what's fun to do inthis weatherone ride the quads but to go in the hottub icicles on our hair again being thehot seven just looking out of the snowis so prettyme simply just trying to back out ofthis driveway is bad we're not even outof the driveway I'm sliding but I'mgetting to a car accident we got thishopefully hopefully it's just ourdevelopment that's like this not thewhole hopefully the main really did laydown so yesterday we saw that I was allover the highway yeah oh my gosh theydidn't even do the roads they only didthe highways just stay in the tracks andwe should be okay and don't go over fivemiles an hourokay I'm sliding at 13 yo do I cancelthe orderI realize are a little more importantI'm just gonna take us a very long timeto get therewe're going eight right now to testtheir items okay can we not just what Ineed I got some guy with a truck up mybutt right nowI don't care buddy I ain't going fasterain't get into an accident today nothappening you got weight all right sothis truck literally just went sidewaysgoing down here currently 6 miles anhourmy heart's pumping right now like andthey get so much adrenaline like I'm notreally honest I don't feel comfortabledriving watch this person slide good gofast I was waiting for that Lizzie justwant to go grab the food really quickhe's gonna start crying I know it it'sokay boy always gets upset exactly she'sgone forever you see oh there she is alittle bit yeah that's right Theo youain't moving now you all strapped inexactly why I didn't take my m4 lookthis Beemer right here is rear-wheeldrive you can see the back wheels doanyone move in they're slidingeverywhere they're sideways oh he'schillin though what scares me about allof this is that this is the firstsnowfall hereI know and it's not even that bad yeahbut think it's worse it gets way worsethan thisalright a five-minute drive turns in the40 minutes but at least we made a homesafe funny because when we were in my m4the same exact thing happened last yearthe Beemer that you guys just saw it washappening before I got into mydevelopment when I got into mydevelopment I wasn't able to move at allwe literally to get out and startpushing the car Bella so playful that'sjust nasty looking what is this I justwalked down the basement it looks like abird pooped on the friggin window andhad blood splatter out of it what isthatJim Flo ho oh ho it's Christmas you knowSanta Claus how to save yourself oh wowyou know it you do it it's like it isn'teven snow anymore it's coming down likea tail there's like ton of ice for thesegames yeah boy got bad day you like itboy the bellow is trying to get in themix yeahwe got Jimmy in the house eh what wasthe thing you said hugger timebugarach we are actually about to goriding the quad right now as you guysknow snowing outside we're gonna takeadvantage of it whip the quad you readyuh and here comes the bad newsso I'm importing the footage onto mycomputer and I don't know what happenedI don't know if my GoPro stoppedrecording I don't know I literally haveno idea but we lost all the footage ofme riding the only thing I had is someof the footage that Lizzie recorded onmy other camera and all the GoProfootage that was on my head andrecording all the quad stuff is gone butthis is the folder this is the file thatwas recording everything I try to goopen it and I'm getting this error Iliterally tried everything it's justlike a corrupted file and it doesn'twork at all so I apologize[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Applause][Applause][Music]I hope you guys enjoyed if you did ofcourse make sure to smash that thumbs upbuttonI have Liberty frozen solid right nowI'm gonna get the shower but I know if Ido it is gonna burn so bad like I can'tfeel my feet I told you to change yourshoes yeah Easy's absorb water did youat least double up Oh Jimmy had likefour layers of coating over top of thisshirt and it still sunk through somehowfeels so good to walk on a heated floorand now I know they look how red theyare Lizzie just had to call the vetbecause as you know she came outside torecord for me really quick and duringthat five to ten minute time frameTheo ended up biting his butt and itstarted bleedingit's just still bleeding yeah oh my goshTheo that's so bad it's like bald now Iknow on the phone they said thatnormally that's a trim like it's sogross that he's putting it everywherebut like I don't know what to do Ireally don't but the vet said that you'dnormally have to like shave the dog hairin order to see like where the spot isyeah you don't even need to him came outto grab some burgers he's never been tothis place I came here like a week agowith Mike for the first time and it'sone of the best burgers I've ever hadhe's about to try it out dude they're sogood we're like really really hungryright now - we're gonna devour him Icame here I got two burgers the lasttime I was like just barely able tofinish on there pretty big though I haveyet to try one of their shakes thoughthese shakes look insane when I reallywant is a banana Royale vanilla icecream banana brown sugar caramel yourdeli chocolate peanuts whipped cream anda cherry that sounds insane this onelooks cool - a chocolate-covered pretzelI think I might actually try one todayI'm debating between chocolate-coveredpretzel or the been an arroyo what justcall this a cheat day for myself thereit is I just get a plain cheeseburgerwith meat and cheese and ketchup andmustard on it that does look good andI'm completing you still chowing downyou like it grade-a so good there's mineI got the banana yeah Jimmy's got a time- covered pretzels oh yeah there it isthere's a chocolate pretzel on top aswell money we got already dude it's goodyeah mines destroyed as well I'm gettingthat one next time I wish I want to getthat one after that meal I need to go tosleep I thought I was tired he passedout before me means you're about to hitthe hot tub you ready to freeze yourballs off I know cuz it's so cold waityou're gonna be stepping in the snow onthe way out of the hot dog it's been awhile since this has happened obviouslylast year we would go in the hot tub allthe time when it was snowing ow and Ilegitimately would get icicles formingon my hair so it's probably gonna happentogether right now I have to preparemyself for this I still got to open itthe ground out there's literally sludgeoh my god I would just wait if I wereyou oh my godI do in person I'll notlooks appetizing that was definitelyrelaxing how you feeling I feel drainedafter the hot tub I always do plus Ialways get really dehydrated after soI'm gonna make sure you got your waterI'm pretty much chugging this entirebottle right now that is going to do itfor today's vlog I love each and everysingle one of you seriously from thebottom of my heart thank you so much forconstantly watching me on a daily basisyou guys have no idea how much thatmeans to me I mean look we're four daysback into the daily vlogs just readingthe comments and seeing the support thatyou guys leave is literally so amazing Icannot be any more grateful you guysmean the absolute world to me I alwayssay this but no words could describe howthankful and grateful I am for each andevery single one of you with that beingsaid that is unfortunately the end oftoday's video if you did enjoy of coursehit that thumbs up button don't forgetto turn on my post notificationseriously I know you guys just like hearme say this and never actually do itvery important just so you never missany single videos please do it very veryimportant hit that little Bell icon nextto the subscribe button and other thanI'll see you guys next time peace

Puppy’s First Snow Day! *Cutest Reaction*


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4 thoughts on “Puppy’s First Snow Day! *Cutest Reaction*

  1. My dog has the same thing as Theo but we just give her normal allergy pills and it really helps a lot
    Hope Theo gets better!

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