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[Music]we got a new kennel ah it's worth abouttwenty five get prettied oh I can't waitfor it to arrive somebody got themeasurements wrong it wasn't methis can be huge problems well I didn'tknow that we had to do this part - it'ssupposed to go right then we'll see ifit says doesn't look like[Music]consult got famous business has beenbooming so we seem to have more and moredogs our dogs have all lived inside withus but being so big and having expandedto where we are now we don't have theroom inside to be able to move some ofour dogs outside it would be absolutelyperfect this is the kitchen and we'vebuilt all these under-the-table kind ofkennels to save space because we do havequite a few dogs in the housewe have dynasty here Hercules theirbrothers juniors in here aces kid heregeneral here and Stella in the corner sowe're in the office now and this iswhere Hulk and Kobe live we'reoverflowing with dogs right now we'vealways wanted them in the house they'vealways been a big part of our family butat this point it's time to get a kenneland start moving a few[Music]I've just pulled this up horizonstructure seems really good they havereally nice kennels they do a lot ofcustomization so they'll work with me alot on what we need and theirbeautifully done so I think this mightbe the one that I one of the ones likecontact here I found a really goodkennel that I liked and I contacted themI heard back the day after from Dave theowner horizon structure specializes inbuilding structures for big animals andthere's no bigger animal than the Hulkthey divided us down to the equineaffair to see the kind of where it wasbeing showcased for all the people thatwere thereI knew hoaxes popularity was booming butI never imagined that we'd get given afree house worth about 25 K for me tokeep his puppies in while I'm trying to[Music]ride a horse fair not exactly where Iregularly hang out we've been inviteddown check out the kennel for the firsttimefor an hour at the biggie SpringfieldMassachusetts super excited just arrivedthere's a long ride from New Hampshirebut we're here now we made it we landedwe got the big guy here I'm excited toreally see it see it looks like yeahlet's go check out the can let's go ohmy godI think I need one hold on alright can Igo in I'm feeling I gotta look right tobe at this fairI don't feel feel like I don't fit in ahwell I need a great hat maybe some bootsI don't know I need some trays it gothis way you wear like this no I don'tlike that doesn't fit methat's just too big of a head for thesethings or[Music]where the horse fair you know I mean Ifeel like I got to fit in here whatabout that one there mm-hmm I think I'lltake itmm-hmm I want this one well I wassticking out like a sore thumb now Ifeel like I'm one of the crowd right nowI think more I only got a little bit toointo the horse feeling of everything andhe went out and he bought a cowboy hatand he definitely fit him never thoughtI'd ever see him in a cowboy hat heynothing wrong with a black man wearing acowboy hat rope oh man there she blowsoh there is that's bigger than I thoughtnobody it's bigger than I thought that'sfor surehold man check it out man this isbeautiful all of my dogs have livedindoors with me their whole lives so tobe able to put them into a kennelsituation it has to be the absolutelyperfect kennels yeah blessing yeah umI'm super excited to see it out and seeit on the property it's you're justexcited to get the dogs in there getthem comfortable get the heat on I'llprobably put a couch in here so I cantake a little rest in here take a nap ifI need to get a little space we aresuper excitedwe can't wait together at all and hit iton our property[Music]once we knew we were getting the kennelwe need decide where I was gonna goOh what the Tigers are like tires a flattip it's like it's like growing in theground now I was gonna put the kennelright here because we have access toelectrical like right there and by thiscar it's in the way so we're gonna chayover there down at the bottom I found thespot for the kennel I just got to spreadenough gravel for the base to sit on Ifelt like I was on the job again so Iused to do it I used to do landscapeexcavation so took me a couple minutesand just the ground a little bit but thegravel in and all that these are thebest kennels in the world so I'd like todisplay them best I can see from theroad everything it's been a tough dayI'm glad I had the machine to work withme but I think I got the ground allprepped and ready the kennel is comingin a few days I can't wait for it toarrive[Music][Music]how're you doing I'm gonna meet you[Music]I have no idea how he's getting thatthere but it's what they do it's notwhat I dooh it's touching this kennel is massiveyou know I mean we we knew it was gonnabe a challenge to get in here I got anarrow little Drive where you live inthe middle of mountains but uh I thinkthis guy's got the skills to get it doneso hopefully we'll push it through andthen we get it there now it's gonna moveover brilliantlook at this thing this is the coolesttruck I've ever seen in my lifelook I would have almost bet that hewould have hit the guardrail he moved itthree inches to the side and totallyshut me upstop oh man come on guyhow'd he get out you go no you're not nono come hereHulk Hulk Hey Ohit's on the moveit's supposed to go right there wellwe'll see if it fits but it doesn't looklike it someone's the truck arrived thetruck driver got off and and he lookedat a spot where we were supposed to putthe kennel and he realized that we wedidn't do it right what were theysupposed to do for this is all they toldme to do that's why I would have doneorder no more where's it supposed to begrab all the way out work everythingneeds to be level Marlon worked reallyhard but the ground isn't level andthere isn't enough gravel this could bea huge problemyeah yeah definitely we probably have tofill this setting up here high likehigher but I didn't know that we had todo this part too so we got the truck inwith the base isn't big enough somebodygot the measurements wrong and it wasn'tme what not and put blocks on it I canget blocks I just want to make it workso if we need to put bricks and thebricks down we can do that we're gonnalevel it out a little bit more and thenuse cinder blocks to finish out whateverwe can't for today[Music]literally driving a kennel around myproperty with a freaking little remotecontrol he's playing the video gamedriving the thing all around hot bag onrolling and flipping the thing over damnthey got some amazing tools that's all Iknow this guy's got it down to look likehe's been doing it for a little while[Music]we got the spots in position it's alldone I think this is gonna be amazing Imean this is perfect to start so I needabout five or six more but we'll starthere thank you very much man Iappreciate it very much sir me apleasure appreciate it very much[Music]so candles all set up now and the dogslook really happy this is exactly whatwe needed some deaf fellows and ladieshey they're gonna show everybody how bigyou arechiming yeah come on come on it's likeno I don't want it I know you're my realfriend here she's a little rambunctioushe's like no dad I'm cool I'm coolthroughout my whole career all my dogI've lived inside the house the waybusiness took off we were really kind offorced into having a kennel on theproperty dog they're enjoying it theylike the whole little inside/outsidething they're real cozy inside and theycan come outside you don't have theirtime outside they look pretty happy tome hi girl yeah I know and it's in placeI feel greatit's a it's an incredible piece of workand at the end of the day I'm extremelyhappy to have it[Music]
MARLON: We got a new kennel. It’s worth about 25k. Pretty dope!MARLON: I can’t wait for it to arrive.MARLON: Somebody got the measurements wrong and it wasn’t me.LISA: This could be a huge problem.MARLON: Well, I didn’t know that we had to do this part too.MARLON: It’s supposed to go right there.MARLON: Doesn’t look like it.MARLON: Since Hulk got famous, business has been booming. So we seem to have more and more dogs.LISA: Our dogs have all lived inside with us. But being so big and having expanded to where we are now,we don’t have the room inside. To be able to move some of our dogs outside, it will be absolutely perfect.LISA: This is a kitchen and we have built all these under the table kind of kennels to save space because we dohave quite a few dogs in the house. We have Dynasty here, Hercules, her brothers, Junior’s in here, Ace’s kid here, General here,LISA: And Stella in the corner.LISA: So, we are in the office now and this is where Hulk and Cobie live. We are overflowing with dogs right now.We have always wanted them in the house, they have always been a big part of our family but at this point,it is time to get a kennel and start moving a few of them out.LISA: I have just pulled this up. Horizon Structures seems really good. They have really nice kennels.They do a lot of customisation so they will work with me a lot on what we need and they are beautifully done.So, I think this might be the one that I, one of the ones I contact here. I found a really good kennel that I liked andI contacted them. I heard back the day after from Dave, the owner.MARLON: Horizon Structures specialises in building structures for big animals and there is no bigger animalthan the Hulk. They invited us down to the Equine Affair to see the kennel where it was being showcased for allthe people that were there. I knew Hulk’s popularity was booming but I never imagined that we would get given afree house worth about 25k for me to keep his puppies in while I am training him.MARLON: So we're at a horse fair. It’s not exactly where I regularly hangout. But we have been invited down tocheck out the kennel for the first time.MARLON: Right now we are at the Big E, Springfield, Massachusetts. Super excited, just arrived, it was a longride from New Hampshire but we are here now. We made it, we landed, we got the big guy here. I am excitedto really see it, see how it looks like. Yeah, let’s go check out the kennels. Let's go!MARLON: Oh, my god! I think I need one.MARLON: Hold on. Hold on. Can I go in here?MARLON: Hold on. Hold on a minute. I feel I got to look right to be at this fair. I don’t feel, I feel like I don’t fit in.WOMAN: You do look right. You got a great dog. MARLON: Well! I need a great hat, maybe some boots.I don’t know. I need something.MARLON: No, I don’t like that. It doesn’t fit me.MARLON: Why don’t I fit in any of these?MARLON: We are at the horse fair you know, I mean, I feel like I got to fit in here.MARLON: What about that one there?MARLON: I think I will take it. I want this one.MARLON: Wow! I was sticking out like a sore thumb. Now I feel like I am one of the crowd right now.LISA: I think Marlon got a little bit too into the horse feeling of everything and he went out and he boughta cowboy hat and he definitely fit in. Never thought I would ever see him in a cowboy hat.LISA: All of my dogs have lived indoors with me their whole lives. So to be able to put them into a kennelsituation, it has to be the absolutely perfect kennels.MARLON: I am super excited to see it on the property. It’s, you are just excited to get the dogs in there, get himcomfortable, get the heat on. I will probably put a couch in here so I can take a little rest in here, take a napif I need to, get a little space.LISA: We are super excited, we can’t wait to get our kennel home and fit it on our property.MARLON: Once we knew we were getting the kennel, we needed to decide where it was going to go.MARLON: I was going to put the kennel right here because we have access to electrical like, right there.But this car is in the way. So we are going to try over there, down at the bottom.MARLON: I found the spot for the kennel. I just got to spread enough gravel for the base to sit on. I felt like Iwas on the job again. That is what I used to do. So I used to do landscape excavation. So took me a coupleof minutes to just rip out the ground a little bit, put the gravel in and that was that.MARLON: These are the best kennels in the world so I would like to display them.MARLON: Best I can, you can see it from the road, everything.MARLON: It’s been a tough day. I am glad I had the machine to work with me. But I think I got the ground allprepped and ready. The kennel is coming in a few days. I can’t wait for it to arrive.MARLON: I have no idea how he is getting that there but it’s what they do. It’s not what I do.MARLON: This kennel is massive, you know, I mean we knew it was going to be a challenge to get in here. I got anarrow little driveway. We live in the middle of the mountains. But I think this guy has got the skills to get itdone so hopefully we will push it through and we will get it there. Now it’s going to move over. Have you seen thatbefore? Have you seen that before?MARLON: Brilliant!MARLON: Look at this thing. This is the coolest truck I have ever seen in my life. Look!BRANDEN: I would have almost bet that he would have hit the guard real. He moved it three inches to the sideand totally shut me up.MARLON: It’s supposed to go right there. We will see if it fits there but doesn’t look like it.MARLON: So once the truck arrived, the truck driver got off and he looked at the spot where we were supposed toput the kennel and he realised that we didn’t do it right. What were they supposed to do? This is all they told meto do. That’s why. I would have done. Was this supposed to be gravel all the way out?DAN: Everything needs to be levelled.LISA: Marlon worked really hard but the ground isn’t level and there isn’t enough gravel.This could be a huge problem.MAN: And even this end here is really low.MARLON: Yeah, definitely. We're probably going to have to fill this end up here like, higher. But I didn’t know thatwe had to do this part too. So we got the truck in but the base isn’t big enough. Somebody got the measurementswrong and it wasn’t me.DAN: And if you have blocks to block the building up. But I don’t like doing that because then you have frost and what not.MARLON: Put blocks on it? I can get blocks. I just want to make it work. So if we need to put the bricks down,we can do that.DAN: We are going to level it out a little bit more and then use cinder blocks to finish out whatever we can't for today.MARLON: He is literally driving the kennel around my property with a freaking little remote control like he isplaying a video game, just driving the thing all around and he hopped back on, rolling and flipping the thingover. Damn! They have got some amazing tools. That’s all I know.MARLON: We got the spots in position. It’s all done. I think this is going to be amazing. I mean this is perfect tostart. So, I need about five or six more but we will start here.MARLON: Thank you very much, man. I appreciate it very much, sir.DAN: It’s been a pleasure. MARLON: I appreciate it very much.MARLON: So the kennel is all set up now and the dogs look really happy. This is exactly what we needed.MARLON: Throughout my whole career all my dogs have lived inside the house. The way business took off,we were really, kind of, forced into having a kennel on the property.MARLON: Yeah, they are enjoying it. They like the whole little inside, outside thing. They are real cosy inside andthen they can come outside, you know, have their time outside. They look pretty happy to me.MARLON: Now that it’s in place, I feel great. It’s an incredible piece of work and at the end of the dayI am extremely happy to have it.

INTERNET sensation Hulk has a new kennel for his puppies – worth a cool $25,000. The colossal canine’s pups are expected to grow so large that his owners Dark Dynasty K9s (DDK9s), turned to a company that specialise in building horse barns and stables to house them. The pampered pooches will enjoy full air conditioning during the summer, and heating to get them through the freezing New Hampshire winters. The pimped-up kennel also comes fitted with drainage, running water, a lobby, a “feed hall” and automatic doors.

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