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who's this hello what up guys how youguys doing today oh my goshwe got the dog in guys the dog isofficially hereI met him very late last night there'sactually a funny story that goes behindit as I told you guys before I wasn'tsure when the dog was actually going tobe coming in it has to come from anotherstate so it took a flight here with ananny of course my mom knew all alongbut she wouldn't tell me the exact dateit was a little nerve-wracking but I gotto see him in person for the very firsttimelast night I'm about to show you guysthat footage right now but before we doso as you guys can do me a huge favorsmash that thumbs up button let's try toget a hundred thousand likes on thisvideo I know you guys can do it not onlythat but if you're currently not yetsubscribed what are you doing messagesubscribe button as well it is time tonow show you guys a dog check it outtire right we're gonna go pick upLance's new puppy he doesn't know yetthis is exciting1 Mike really sleeping over there gofigureMike come on man where's the dog Oh Mikedon't be taking naps right now okay[Music]oh my gosh guys the puppy has arrivedLance has no idea that we're surprisinghim with the dog very well I think it'sone of the cutest things I've ever seenall right here we are141 and we're walking up to the houseright now we're on the moment surpriselook at you little new puppy you're socute it's okay he's hungry you're homebig guys who's a good boy hi oh my godyou're literally so it there let mesmell your hands a little bit no it's alist check it up and we start out to theairport you you guys told me you wereleaving I was like were they going itwhen I am no bralessI was editing the vlog he peed on me onthe way here oh my god completed this isreally cutest thing ever oh my god oh mygod bro that dog is adorable Row 3colors are so cute oh my gosh you seehe's got brown in the front white andthen like a darker Brown in attackcould you look thirsty bug you can'ttell already it is a Pomeranian but is ateacup Pomeranian which means he won'tliterally get any bigger he won't getany bigger than 8 pounds yeah good boyit's probably 2 or 3 pounds right now sotiny surprising it's way too slipperyfor me[Music][Music]so my mom bought a little bed and cratefor my dog so we're gonna grab a realquick going crazy boy it's joy I haveyou should be very good nervousyou gotta go sleep oh it's so cute we'renever going over to my house right nowlet's welcome home sweet home he's allcuddle so he's gotta get used to itoh my god is he part 2 coming you're socute you were running aroundmm-hmmcurrently the next day he is at myparents house right now I actually havea funny story to tell you guys about ourvery first night together but before weget into that I need to tell you guyswhat his name is going to be you eachother should we tell them so a coupledays before my parents actually pickedup the dog my mom was trying to throwname suggestions and there was onespecific name that randomly popped up inmy head it was like an intuitive thing Iwasn't even thinking about a name I wasjust going off of like a list of nameand it just sparked in my head withoutfurther ado the name of our brand-newdog is spark and I guess I'll call himSparky as a nickname my mom does notlike the name but you you never like thenames as I give dogs like you'd evenlike GE oh yeah my mom was like someboozy name for a dog she wanted me to doname in like Gucci or Beamer I'm likeknow what he looks like a spark to me Imean look at his little fur ball he'sgot three different layers to him itkind of looks like a spark I don't knowhe's so adorable him and Geo has met Ohgo kiss Sabrina Sabrinaso the story that I wanted to explainlast night I didn't get a chance to goto bed until 3:30 a.m. when I wasfinally about to lay down spark was inmy room I set up his little crate andeverything in my room and this dog wouldnot stop barking and whining eventuallyafter about 15 minutes he calmed down alittle bit and then I fell asleep I wokeup at 5:10 a.m. to him screeching andbarking I had to feed him I'm supposedto be feeding him every couple hours soI did that he showed out for a littlebit I fell back asleep again and then Iwoke up at 7 him doing the same exactonce again fed him a little bit gave himsome water he kept putting his pawsinside of the water dishI kept freaking out because of it oh Ihave to keep drying his paws off it wasso cute but I was like half asleep atthe time then I finally tried to go backto bed again he wouldn't let me he wasbarking for like another 20 minutes andthen I was like all right I just tookhim out of the cage I brought him up onmy bedhe was like searching around the bedtrying to play with my feet and yeah Ididn't really get much sleep after thatbut I had to wake up no matter what itlike 8 a.m. my mom came over she startedto watch him and then I ended up fallingasleep I got a good night's rest afterthat but yes we currently have a cageset off at my parents house as well sowhat we intend on doing is the timesthat I go to the gym or the times thatI'm not home I'm gonna bring spark overhere so my parents can watch him andthen vice versa whenever my parents goout obviously tonight you going out myparents are gonna help me a little bitin this process definitely need itespecially because this crazy schedulewe're on I've been having to go to bedpretty early and then wake up very veryearly you ready to get some Instagrampictures and you guys can do me a hugefavor follow spark on instagram at sparkde pomme let's try to get him a millionfollowers on this account I know youguys can do it also go check out hisvery first photo and I also posted apicture of me and him on my account atlast week 10 as well go check it out andgive it a like did you meet him yet ohthis morning isn't it cute yeah Iwouldn't pull up spike spike yourclothes what's his name sport yeah it'snot spike it's not fun relax but I'mcool oh yeah is that you just flirtedthere him wasn't me where's Aug oh whyme because I don't smell like oh it ishim smelling all right yeah oh and thatis going to do it for today's vlog Ireally hope you guys enjoy it if you didplease please please smash that thumbsup and there was one thing that I wantedto address really quick beforecompletely ending this video and that isthe Theo and Bella's situation nowthere's a lot of salty people in my calmsection and I'm not really sure why cuzI've already explained the situation asyou guys know Lizzy currently has Theoand Bella and the reason was that weboth mutually agreed that it was best ifshe took care of them I don't know if Ireally got too into detail with it whichI don't really feel like it's necessarybut I guess I have to now the reasonthat Lizzy has them in comparison to mewell here's the thing I actually wantedBella I wanted to keep Bella but we bothagreed that it was best if we didn'tseparate Bella and Theo and I mean lookit's like it's Lizzy Bella and Theotogether if I was just getting Bellathat it would just be me and Bella and Iwas separating her from another dogwhich is pretty much her friend and thenanother human being as well so I didn'tthink that that was the best option andI knew that Lizzie really really wantedthem as well so it was just the betteroption you know some people aren't goingto understand but simply I don't careit's my life I'm gonna do what I need todo yeah that's it so once againhopefully you enjoy other than now seeyou guys next time[Music][Applause][Music]


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4 thoughts on “MEET MY NEW PUPPY!

  1. Hey Lance i love that dog my heart melted when i saw that fluff ball great name Spark Stewart now i have a dog if you dm me i will show you a past picture of him dm me on twitter my twitter name is WolfManGaming83

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