I dyed our dogs hair.. this is my girlfriends reaction
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[Music][Applause][Music]what's up guys how you guys doing todayso as you guys know we have two whitedogs Bella and Theo Theo he's hopping upon the chair right now Bella's over herehiding under the chair as always so thereason that I'm talking about the dogsright now is because I am going to prankmy girlfriend by putting blue and reddye on the dogs it's gonna change thecolor of their white coat and when shesees this she is going to freak out likecrazy even mentioned this to her beforeI was like what do you think aboutdyeing the dogs like would you think itwould be cool or would you hate itcompletely and she wanted absolutelynothing to do with it she is currentlyover her friend's house right now oh andby the way this dye comes off in one totwo washes it's non-toxic it's made forpets it's not gonna damage them in anywayI already made sure I got the right oneso yeah she's gonna completely freak outwhat I think the best part about thedyes that I chose for this is our dogsare now going to match my cars as youguys know I have a blue chrome Audi r8 ared chrome mwm before so I plan ongetting a really cool picture by thetime this video goes up the picturesmost likely already up on my Instagramso go to Instagram at last you can checkout that picture hit the like button onit alright let's get it started so firstoff I need to wash the dog so I'm gonnado that real quick all right we areready to go I got the gloves on do isfinally babe I got it recording from aheel is actually he's high a bloominring that's fully wash I'm not allowedto use conditioner apparently so justuse shampoo what the fansobviously my cars are made the Beautyand the Beast so Theo in this situationis gonna be the Beast so he's going tobe red and fellaof course of the girl so we're gonnacall her the beauty and she is gonna getthe blue coat all right let's get itstartedthis looks like horrible it says rightdawn why does it look purple baby wantto try it out isn't this one purple itdoes oh my gosh no no I really hope itdries red it doesn't make sense becauseit's a complete white coat so if thisdoesn't dry right it's not like agimmick good thing we can get it out andlike to wash it though I wonder what'sgoing through his mind right now I'mprobably thinking oh she's roamingmeanwhile cool it's changing color neverwon the day in calm that I thought thatI would have been dying my dogs know tobe real I'm only doing it this is aprank I feel so bad so this is alwayslooking so far now I need a dry mom soI'm not gonna cover his face entirelybecause I'm really scared that there's apossible chance I could get in his eyesand I thought that that happen eventhough it's non-toxic I really trying toavoid that as much as possible this isgood enough so I'm going to dry off[Music]all right so this is what Fela islooking like it took a lot longer thanexpected tax and dry them off so wow Ican't believe he looks purple it saysred dawn on in the Bible there is twodifferent types of reds that you couldbuy from this company and the other onelooked more orange so I decided to gowith this one and of course it's thewrong oneso nothing I'm going to do but you knowsince we're such a good boy what youwould treat good boy all right fellas upnext with the blue watch this will comeout like grey I'm about to wash Bellaright now but I need to get a newbattery this one's almost dead butreally quick I wanted to point out itmakes no sense because it turns my handred but it makes him look purple Iwonder if every dog has like maybe adifferent way that their coat reactswith certain colors cuz I mean if youput a red dye on what you figure it tobe red correctyeah it's not the case with video so I'mnot really sure hurry Bella is now watchnow it's time for the dye blows on notthat it really did anything anyway whoaoh but it's like a sigh yeah it must bethe way they're coated it is that littlestar what would you apply it it's reallylike who's your girl I actually reallylike this color almost the same colorsthat tunnel he actually did actuallyknocked out all right how about islooking so far you add a little bit moreto even it out for the colors and we aregonna drive her offa few moments later oh my gosh youactually looks very cute it doesn't lookthatBell is so nice all the time she was sogentle she didn't have an issue with meapplying it she didn't have an issuewith the dryer I was a good girl wholetime actually field was pretty good aswell there's a couple times we triedgetting away but it's about it this isso crazyboom and blow this is supposed to be adark-blue she looks like science issupposed to be ready he looks perfectlychange it now so this is a perfectopportunity to plug my purse if you guyshave not bought any of the merch itI currently have 210 shorts on the 210combo shirt you guys can get all of yourmurse went so 10 icon lays down below ofevery top description check it out overthere right now we're gonna give Lizziea call and see where she's at hey whattime you coming home I have like a majorsurprise that I need to show you like assoon as possible honestly it can like Igotta show you this todayI just called Lizzie again and I toldher to give me a call before she comesinside we're knock on the door firstbecause obviously I don't want herwalking in here and not be recording tograb a reaction okay so Lizzy literallyjust pull it up now with her afraidwe're[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]that doesn't make any senselisten supposed to resemble the Armenianfor the beauty so I know supposed to bedarker than we're supposed to be red[Applause][Music][Applause][Applause][Music]how do you think they're not as mad asme yeah well it's not their dog I knowthey're alright so I'm currently myparents house we got Sabrina over whatcolor should we die geo hey that'stomorrow's video like it subscribe tosee geo get turns pinkhit that thumbs up on its this pet dyingit's non-toxic yeahthis is hilarious Bella just minding herown business I'm gonna die your hair ohyou right bag she got me all right sowe're trying to get my Instagram pictureright now once again if you guys want tocheck it out go to outlast you turn onInstagram if that followed by and hitthat like button on the picture let'sget it we pulled it off guys we did itI still can't believe I actually diedthe dog though but luckily it will comeoff like I said we have some footagefrom earlier today that I'm gonna inputnow this is really cool to check thisout we are going to be playing fetchwith the dogs but in a different way Iordered this product online I thought itwas so cool I know for a fact Bella isgonna fall in love with this thingbecause she loves playing fetch it isthis device that it shoots out a tennisball and then she can just simply pickup the tennis ball run back over and putit back in the machine and it'll shootit out again so for the times that meand Lizzy may not be home or there'snobody here to play with Bella or Theoand they want to play fetch they cansimply do it on their own now which ithink is really really cool so we'regonna open this up right now get it allset on a little baby bella over therewho's gonna play fetch she has no ideawhat's going on she's tired it probablylook a little bit bigger on camera butthese are actually like really reallysmall balls and it's like perfect sizefor Bella to be honest there is amachine it's actually a lot smaller thanI originally thought it was gonna be ifthere is a bigger version of this thatyou can get for bigger dogs obviouslyboth our dogs are very small so it's notthat necessary so there's threedifferent lights on the back I'm notexactly sure what the different meaningsare probably check real quick to behonest alright so I figured it out thevery first light means it'll shoot 10feet the second light is 20 feet and thethird light is 30 feet pretty cool let'sgive it a try start off with 10 feet weusually play fetch like right down thishallway it's not like thatgo on who's a good girl come here fellawe actually put batteries in this thingokay okay what is it what is it what areyou doing come on she's playing with itsee look seecoming up I shot both down then itshoots so fast they don't even say me Iknow okay this is gonna take some timefor them to get used to this who's agood girl who's a good girl hellookay they're scared of it what yes Ishould have taught them I wish I wasrecording he ended up trying it againand feel was standing a little bitfurther down and it actually hit him inhis head oh my god come here boyGeller how do it deal I actually trieddemonstrating to them like actuallyputting it in my mouth and drop it inthere a couple times and he's just stilldoesn't get it yeah we'll start off onlike the ten feet setting I'm gonna putthis on the third setting so thirty feetgot put it in there ant fail let me seehow it feels it actually has a reallygood amount of force all right the yeahyou don't want to play now you wants toplay ready boy he's so happyyou gotta learn how to put it in hereboy video just dropped it off literallyright next to it it's so funny watchingthem do this right now because I knowand a couple of days they're gonna getthe hang of it and this will just belike old memories when they first gotthis toy and like how they gonna use itit's pretty funny like stuff like thatWow I know you gotta Bella like theyknow to get it just scared of thismachineOh Lily tackled him she's trying to bitehis legyou can Matt no biting leg girl theHolden's got the hops girl oh he got heknows where to stand this is 20 feet Ilike max I know it's sickOh today's a good day man I got a sickvideo not only that I just got this boxthat just came in you guys can't tellher Eddie from what's on the back thisis a brand new iPhone SS Matt I justcame out you guys know I the iPhone Xand actually said a couple months agothat I needed to get a new one becauseit's just like almost completelyshattered at this point it's not onlythe front but it's the back to literallyneed the front and battery place so Ifigured I was just gonna hold out for alittle bit longer until Apple decided torelease the brand new iPhone you're thebiggest one that they have it's almostlike the iPhone 8 plus they saysobviously the screen is a lot longer andwider its overall bigger but yeah let'sget right into I'm gonna open thispackage right now I never open packageswheatleyoh my god there it is actually got the512 gigabyte wand that is honestlymassive I don't even think I'm gonnaneed that much storage but I did saythat about 256 gigabyte iPhone X that Igot and I actually just ran out ofstorage recently I got to go in anddelete a lot of stuff it's mainly for mycamera roll because our record vlogfootage on there sometimes when I don'thave my cameras on me so it definitelycomes in handy so I made sure I got thebiggest size available storage wise andthe biggest iPhone so let's open it upand check it out designed by Apple inCalifornia oh there it is oh my gosh I'mplaying I love new iPhones and I got thegold look I'm showing you guys beforeI've even seen it that is so nice thatis sweet I know I got lazy the goldiPhone X but this gold is definitely alittle bit different looking I like thisa lot this is really cool oh that's sosatisfying this is big it's literallythe size of my entire head I'm gonnashow you guys as best as possiblewithout dropping this then alright so itcovers my entire hand let's do a headcomparison you get this dude if I put itright here my chin there's like anotherinch well I guess almost two inchesincluding my hair but yeah it's prettybig then obviously we have the chargerbrick and some headphones and anotherlightning cable we're gonna power it onfor the very first time hello EnglishUnited States set up manually Lizziespeaker no I just get it no no I screwedmyself that it's not a Wi-Fi connectionhere's another network wow that'sglitching on me now it's not evenworking the type of this password realquick activating your iPhone unable toactivate all right let me go reset myWi-Fi alright we are good to go now setup face ID you guys have never seen howthis works pretty cool move iPhone alittle lowerpretty much as scans your entire facewhat's really cool about this feature islike over time the face ID gets betterand better as you take pictures and themore you use the phone and the camerafirst can complete a set up as newiPhone terms and conditions that nobodyread you know it's funny it always saysthis it may take a few minutes to set upyour Apple a day but it never takes aslong as it actually just did here we goExpress settings continue that was Cwithout true tone well I don't think Iuse true tone usually I'm a put it onfor now and choose a viewI like the standard view finally thereit isif you hold all that's sick if you holddown using the 3d touch the wallpapermoves that's cool alright this is veryweird I just got a notification thatsays Jody's birthday unknown sender I'mjab man tena yahoo.com six hundred andseventy four days ago this is very weirdcuz it's a brand new iPhone just saidthere's not even my sim card in thereyet it's very funny look at the newiPhone isn't that caller sweet don'tdrop it pleaseit's brand new it is it's bigger - it'sthe max yeah actually stealing itgoodbyeno I'm not my sim card yeah I want toshow the color difference drop andchange it is it does it feel heavierother thing is it feel the same weightwise it feels lighter why that's itit's the way they designed it let's uhcarefully place these down and see whatthe difference okay okay but my littlecrack guysdon't yeah I didn't even know it wascracking so it's a thank youoh wait I thought I got you the gold oneokay I'm so very confused now I toldthem I got you the gold one but I guessI got confused well anyway instead ofthe color difference we'll look at thesize difference as you can see littlebit wider a little bit longer butapparently this one's later which isreally cool you know I did at the timeright now I just completely went blankand I thought I got to the gold one youknow why because you had a gold eightright going I thought yeah you had arose gold iPhone 8 yeah do you stillhave that yes so it is actually the rosegold iPhone 7 plus yeah we're just allover the place right now forgettingexactly what iPhones we have own but wegot the excess max we got the X and wehave the iPhone 7 plus you can see thatthese two are pretty close relatively insize yeah pretty much almost the exactsame size and width it seems like yeahpretty much exactly the sameoh no screen comparison you can seethese bars are no longer there had toweigh more room on the screen super nicealright now we are going to test out theweight differences between the twophones that was he said they're prettyclose but I do think the XS max is itlike the tiniest it later I could bewrong I'm gonna look up the specs for itactually but maybe I'm going crazy butit does feel kind of like there is noway no way okay so the weight of theregular iPhone X is six point one fourounces that's 174 grams now the weightof the XS max is seven point threeounces 200 an eight grams but it almostfeels lighter I don't know if it feelslettered because you know like whenyou're holding it a certain way sinceits longer maybe the the waistdistributed a little bit differentlythat just feels like not as condensedbecause I've held objects before whereone has been smaller and one has beenlonger and it'll be the same exactweight but the one that's smaller ismore condensed and you can just feel allthat weight at one so maybe that's thereasoning but that's weirdI'm gonna let this baby charge for rightnow we are all very hungry so we'regonna go grab foodI'm being and then when I come back I'mgonna finish setting it up I still gotto put my sim card in it and test outsome of the other features on the phonewe came over here to Shake Shack to grabsome burgers would come here more oftenbut it's actually pretty far away we'veactually been getting really sick placesaround us that are very close to usbecause we go through these places sooften obviously the more and more youeat something the more and more to gettired of it we've pretty much hit likeevery spa in the area that we live sonow we got to start going out and likegoing to different places even thoughthese places are further I mean I'drather drive instead of getting sick ofthe same things all the time they have achicken don't take an apple and sagesausageI had chicken hot dogs before but theynever had an apple and they've hadsausage and chicken that's weird youguys are sitting in the same exact areaslast time I knew it all right eventhough I'm a little bit skepticalI am trying dog the chicken hot dog ithas the Apple and I don't know if it'slike an apple like wavering or throughsexual chunks of apples and I'm veryinterested to seeoh I think it cheese on hotdog - allright there is the burger and therethe Apple chicken hot dogs sausage andJesus China how very interestingwhat is that it's not terrible it's notamazing but there's no chunks of Appleit's more like an apple like flavoringI'll give it like a four out of time I'msorry if I was shaking a little bit herewhich is pretty alright so at first itwasn't what is going on with this ladyso at first when I had that hands on itwasn't that bad but as I continued theyeat it I just realized how much worse itgot so I just been to the news yeah I amgetting like half of it I didn't like itbut the bird was oh my gosh I justwalked in the door and Bella Thea ran tocome say hi I completely forgot I diedthat it was just it was just very veryweird for me to see that look at thisthis is insane yeah were you doing theylove this thing now they still don'tknow how to put it in there themselvesoh it's gonna take a couple weeks I feellike what Bella keeps dropping itunderneath the couch like now it'srolling like you literally match theball oh I was close there you gogo get it go get it so this is so funnybecause they can't fight over this tinyball anymore like usually they were usedto running back and like fighting overthe toy because they could both play tugof war with it but they can't with thisI hope you guys are having an amazingday you know sometimes we all gotstruggles in our lives that put us downand make us feel like crap I'm alwayshere to try and help you guys bring upyour mood for a little bit even if it'sonly for 20 to 30 minutes every singleday I really makehappy on a daily basis is when you guyshonestly just enjoy my content I put myheart and soul into these videos for youguys literally that's like all I thinkabout 24/7 I don't relax at all I don'tknow how to take a vacation I go onvacation and I still work but it doesn'tfeel like work to me because I justgenuinely loved this so when you guysare happy I'm happybut yeah if you got something negativegoing on in your life right now justalways trying to stay positive I knowsometimes it may be very very hard lookwe've all been there I've been there andlike even though it's easier said thandone when you do start looking at thepositive side of things it really doeshelp out a lot it's just some quickadvice for you guys out there oh my godyou I know oh my god she's got it on 30no 30 no it's not you're gonna hit youin the balls do is a cutie too I gottashow you guys the background that Ichose for my iPhone look at this this isso cool well it's like a Astro galaxygetting the vibes up it's so cool allright guys we're currently still playingwith the dogs right now on this machineit's actually a lot of fun hope you guysenjoyed today's video if you did makesure to smash that thumbs up by notforget to get your merchandise ranks totelecom Papa link in the description asalways give a notification shout outs ofthe day here's today shots of the dayboom boom boom boom boom boom and otherthan that we'll see you guys next timepeace[Music]


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  1. I wanted the sX max but my iPhone X hasn’t gave me any problems I take it in the water with me and went on water slides with it cause of my life proof case and I still have a lot of memory space on it and I don’t wanna pay a fortune for a new phone but around Christmas I probably will buy it

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