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yoanne wanted to be sick if we couldjust get all this candy inside of ourhouse so we don't come here every dayyeah but who would do that I mean I'lldo it really yeah doing right now let'sdo it what it's doing right now rightnow I have a question is it possible forme to purchase one of every box that youguys have did you guys have like a stockof that all right well it looks like wegot to find another store that cansupply all of this candy I'm thinkingsomewhere like a wholesale place maybelike Sam's Club or Costco one of themwill have it so of course if I'm gonnapurchase all this candy I need to makesure first that there is an area in myhouse where we can do this and I had tobuy shelving for it we went to multiplestores and there was no stores thatactually had the shelves that we neededso I had to purchase the shelves onlineand wait a couple of days so you made itover here to Sam's Club let's see ifthey got what we need we found the aisleand let's get stacking I'm going to begetting one box of every single thinghere regardless if I like it or not itdoesn't mattergeez dark chocolate cookies and creamare they just like all openwell this one's taped that thingno they're literally all open it doesn'teven matter at this point[Music]what if it's too much so as you guys cansee this is what we have so far butthere's a complete whole other aislelet's get itoh that's open baby bottle talks BabyBottle Pops lollipopsI was a tongue-twister by the way we'rejust getting all boxes obviously we'renot gonna get stuff that's wrapped inplastic short peopleWow only had two tall people here to getsomething for you this is sick dude thisis literally like a childhood dreamright nowevery skittle no man may be the bestidea you ever had Lyons right yo ifanything we're getting more here than wewould I want anyone ring pops sourstraws airheads extreme brotherwe need another cart Tootsie Pops andthe guy blow pops yeah this is allfalling literally have too much no nevertoo much I think he might have gottenone of everything Lance I'm trying tostay away from the gum and stuff cuz Iknow we're like probably never gonnaknow and I mean that would be anexcessive amount of gamma if I literallygot one of every piece of gum I will getone pack of gum though pick one juicyfruit there you go yeah[Music]people are looking at me like I'm crazylike what am I doing with all this candyI'm gonna eat it yeah we got a lot ofcandy[Music]got it goinghonestly I'm hoping we can fit all thisin my car as you guys can see that backon that car is pretty much completelyfull we actually did get these boxeswhere we can store more stuff in thereand it'll be a lot easier to bring allthe stuff inside so we wrap put the restin the back of the car and go home[Music]so we just have to shipment in of thewire shelving so now we're gonna putthis all together now it's time to addthe candy[Music]oh my god this is insane oh I cannotbelieve I actually did this Wow itreally works perfectly[Music][Music]now know what I saw sans bub you want toknow the price of this entire videountil the guy saw me why you know howmuch this cost I seen was wasn't it 500no it wasn't over $1000 get out of herelook bruises doing them had it was morethan 500 for just ease candy Bruce isgood okay so they can do with us it wasa thousand two hundred this everythingall together is like almost 2000 I hadthe bottom of mine we actually went to alot of different stories that may wecouldn't find my for this yeah homepeople because now I am my very owncandy bar we don't even have to go towhile I was here so you don't have tomy pantry anymore yeah you guys arepretty much gonna raid mine we're goingto push the table back over just for thevideo yeah look how perfect it fits it'sgrainy two days agolike six months decorating a house I'mtrying to be nice and like everysituation these boxes in this I guessthis is for us in the family eatseverything just grab everything that wesaw where it's Sam's clothes I thinkyou're nuts is proud of Mike we got astore yeah[Music]the craziest ideas but we did know dad'sgonna get it backcuz he's gonna be here every day no hedid it's just mom opened that wrong sowe turn to the other regulators we thepast like 15 20 minutes we just saythey're opening up on the boxesBrittany's gonna be Rover all the timeyou and Dad get candy and on guitar allright well thank you for cominglike okay there's probably some peopleout there that do but like this muchit's crazy and I don't know what any ofit I just my OCD is kicking in becausethis is the only box not open yeahhonestly and we're just talking we'resitting here looking at this we realizedthat there's a lot of candies in herethat we've never even tried in our livesso I'll possibly end up recording thaton the vlog of course if you guys arenot yet subscribed hit that subscribebutton I'm also throwing up the thumbsup symbol so you guys can hit thatthumbs up button toohey maybe if you hit the thumbs upbutton you can get a piece of candythat's a little weird it's like feedingkids okay but yeah there's some candieson here I literally just want to bringkids here and be like look at thisalright guys that is gonna do it fortoday's video I want you guys to leave acomment down below of some crazy ideasthat you guys think would be reallyreally cool for me to do for a video ifyou guys leave a good comment and I endup using the idea I will give you guyscredit in the video and put your commenton the screen as well yeah other thanthat I will see you guys next time peace[Music]


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